One of the most essential items of road safety is Metal Beam Crash Barriers that are also known as Highway Guardrails. Metal Beam Crash Barrier has proven its dispensability at the most unfortunate times of vehicles. The survey and statistics has shown that these barriers have minimized the gravity of run-off-road accidents. Most of the times, especially on highways, vehicles seldom get off-balance or out of control due to various reasons. During such events, this vital infrastructural product prevents the vehicles by lowering the uncontrollable tendency. Also, it boosts back the shaking confidence of the driver of that errant vehicle and helps him to rebound his vehicle in the continuous normal flow of traffic. The purpose and applicability of efficient Metal Beam Crash Barrier has enhanced its vitality on the roads.

We offers highly durable, reliable and high tensile strength Highway Guardrail, metal crash Barriers components, Solar Module Mounting Structures  in India. They are best in performance and processed with high quality metal and steel components.

Application of Metal Beam Crash Barriers

  • Highways, flyovers and bridges.
  • High density fast moving traffic areas in cities.
  • High embankments / Sharp Curves.
  • Protection from fixed object like trees, rocky areas.
  • Median barriers as road separators.
  • Test tracks in automobile industry, factories, and mines.
  • Hilly terrain and Ghats
  • Airports, Railway stations and parking places.
  • Mass housing complex, townships.