Highway Guardrail Components and Their Purposes

Highway Guardrail Components and Their Purposes


Highway Guardrail Components and Their Purposes

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There are professional organizations in India which are engaged in the manufacture and supply of high-quality highway guardrail and safety components for reducing fatal accidents and injuries in highways. Highway Guardrail Components Manufacturers India with their long years of expertise has come up with rail mounting hardware, wooden barriers, crash barriers etc. These products are tracked and tested in factories and then on highways before they are launched for the practical use. These manufacturers have a large inventory at their disposal with different components like W-beams, curly ends, galvanized steel posts, hardware and flared ends. These are always in stock and can be readily shipped whenever there is a demand. A custom fabrication is also allowed based on specific needs.

Purpose of Highway Guardrail Components

A guardrail and its various components are something people usually do not think about. Not until they have played a part in saving someone’s life. The number of people dying or getting fatally injured by road accidents is growing in India every year. Highway guardrail components manufacturers in India has a large role to play to prevent accidents.
These are galvanized guardrails. They are constructed using Class A and Class B galvanized steels. These steels are composed of high strength of 10 and 12 gauges which is highly effective in absorption of an impact. The most commonly used highway guardrail is the W-beam. In various longitudinal roads and highways, such barriers are used for reducing the severity of collisions occurring in a runoff road or ROR conditions. The shape of the “W” in these beams helps to catch the car bumpers. These guardrails are economical and highly effective in maintaining road safety.

Primary components of guardrails

Guardrail Face-It is the guardrail length which extends from the side of the road to the end of the terminal. It helps the vehicle which has faced a crash to be redirected back to the roadway.
End Terminal- The initial starting point of a guardrail is known as the end terminal. The finishing point of the guardrail needs a treatment which is also known as the energy absorption treatment. The impact side is headed down to the length of the guardrail in order to minimize the impact at this end terminal.

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