Highway Guardrail Components: How they help us Stay Safe?

Highway Guardrail Components: How they help us Stay Safe?


Highway Guardrail Components: How they help us Stay Safe?

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Most of us would have travelled via highways and long stretches of road at some point of time in our lives. But have we ever noticed the railings laid on the sides of roads, which keep vehicles running on tracks?

Metal Crash Barrier is one of the leading Highway Guardrail suppliers in India and today this Highway Guardrail is an important part of flyovers and bridges and can be abundantly found on highways and other areas that see heavy movement of traffic. They are responsible for preventing accidents. Guardrail, in essence, is steel railing that is lined up along long stretches of roads. They serve the purpose of keeping cars stay on their tracks and not deviate.

Guardrails or metal crash barriers as they are now referred to are found to serve the following major purposes:

  • To keep cars running in their designated lanes and avoid colliding with each other
  • To prevent cars from falling over edges of roads on hills while traversing through mountainous terrains with sharp turns
  • To keep vehicles on track in housing complexes with large driving spaces
  • To protect vehicles from colliding against fixed natural or man-made objects like boulders, trees, rocks, and so on.

How guardrails work

To normal eyes, the guardrail may seem like just a simple structure. But a lot of scientific and engineering acumen has to go into its making for proper functioning.The end terminal of a guardrail is made of a flat and strong piece of steel, which ismade with the view of withstanding any collision with a car.

So, if a car hits the guardrail, it is made to stay on the highway rather than go berserk due to the unexpected bang. So, by stopping the car from rolling over uncontrolled, physical damage to drivers and passengers can be prevented or minimised to a large extent.The making of the face of the guardrail is also important to determine how far the car will travel before coming to a halt once it has come in contact with the guardrail.

With this knowledge,you will be able to appreciate how crucial it is to assemble the components of the guardrails in order to ensure their effectiveness.

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