How to choose the best Guardrails: Highway Traffic Guardrail Manufacturers in India

Safety is becoming a crucial matter for India as traffic on the road increasing more and more. Number of vehicles in the road leading to heavy traffic and all the vehicle drivers try to drive at maximum speed that resulting increasing number of accidents. Here the need of Guardrails arises it is best safety fixture for highway. As it is the matter of safety most of nations are using guardrails on highways.

Considering Guardrails the basic road safety feature you need to search for the best Guardrails Providers and Highway Traffic Guardrail Manufacturers India are known better. Guardrails are of different shapes which are being used in other countries but in India W-Beam share guardrails are used more.  So many manufacturers are there ion India provides the same product, but the quality is not obvious at all.

As Guardrails made for security reason it is very important to know the components used to prepare different shares like

  • Single Side Single Guardrail
  • Double side single Guardrail
  • Single Side double Guardrail
  • Double side double Guardrail
  • Single side Thrie Beam Guardrail
  • Double side Thrie Beam Guardrail

Looking forward to the shape of Guardrail it depends upon the shape of the road and the type of security required in highways. Important features in Guardrails from Highway Traffic Guardrail Manufacturers

  • Minimal damage to vehicle and vehicle holder
  • Beam absorbs maximum energy due to lateral flattening and rescues the vehicle.
  • Controls the exit corners through redirection and declaration
  • Quick repairs if an accident happens
  • Available with Galvanized components
  • Low maintenance
  • Available in different configurations
  • Accessories are designed as per the site requirement

Guardrails are the ultimate safety feature that came to you through different manufacturers, but choosing the best manufacturer with effective quality control, affordable pricing and technical installation based on MORTH (Ministry of Road Transport and Highways). Guardrails offer security in various places like highways, poles, building, ditches and bridges. People think like Guardrails are to decorate the road till it saves lives. But while installing in bridge and other required areas it provides lifesaving shield.

Highway Guardrail Components: How they help us Stay Safe?

Most of us would have travelled via highways and long stretches of road at some point of time in our lives. But have we ever noticed the railings laid on the sides of roads, which keep vehicles running on tracks?

Metal Crash Barrier is one of the leading Highway Guardrail suppliers in India and today this Highway Guardrail is an important part of flyovers and bridges and can be abundantly found on highways and other areas that see heavy movement of traffic. They are responsible for preventing accidents. Guardrail, in essence, is steel railing that is lined up along long stretches of roads. They serve the purpose of keeping cars stay on their tracks and not deviate.

Guardrails or metal crash barriers as they are now referred to are found to serve the following major purposes:

  • To keep cars running in their designated lanes and avoid colliding with each other
  • To prevent cars from falling over edges of roads on hills while traversing through mountainous terrains with sharp turns
  • To keep vehicles on track in housing complexes with large driving spaces
  • To protect vehicles from colliding against fixed natural or man-made objects like boulders, trees, rocks, and so on.

How guardrails work

To normal eyes, the guardrail may seem like just a simple structure. But a lot of scientific and engineering acumen has to go into its making for proper functioning.The end terminal of a guardrail is made of a flat and strong piece of steel, which ismade with the view of withstanding any collision with a car.

So, if a car hits the guardrail, it is made to stay on the highway rather than go berserk due to the unexpected bang. So, by stopping the car from rolling over uncontrolled, physical damage to drivers and passengers can be prevented or minimised to a large extent.The making of the face of the guardrail is also important to determine how far the car will travel before coming to a halt once it has come in contact with the guardrail.

With this knowledge,you will be able to appreciate how crucial it is to assemble the components of the guardrails in order to ensure their effectiveness.

Highway Guardrail Components and Their Purposes

There are professional organizations in India which are engaged in the manufacture and supply of high-quality highway guardrail and safety components for reducing fatal accidents and injuries in highways. Highway Guardrail Components Manufacturers India with their long years of expertise has come up with rail mounting hardware, wooden barriers, crash barriers etc. These products are tracked and tested in factories and then on highways before they are launched for the practical use. These manufacturers have a large inventory at their disposal with different components like W-beams, curly ends, galvanized steel posts, hardware and flared ends. These are always in stock and can be readily shipped whenever there is a demand. A custom fabrication is also allowed based on specific needs.

Purpose of Highway Guardrail Components

A guardrail and its various components are something people usually do not think about. Not until they have played a part in saving someone’s life. The number of people dying or getting fatally injured by road accidents is growing in India every year. Highway guardrail components manufacturers in India has a large role to play to prevent accidents.
These are galvanized guardrails. They are constructed using Class A and Class B galvanized steels. These steels are composed of high strength of 10 and 12 gauges which is highly effective in absorption of an impact. The most commonly used highway guardrail is the W-beam. In various longitudinal roads and highways, such barriers are used for reducing the severity of collisions occurring in a runoff road or ROR conditions. The shape of the “W” in these beams helps to catch the car bumpers. These guardrails are economical and highly effective in maintaining road safety.

Primary components of guardrails

Guardrail Face-It is the guardrail length which extends from the side of the road to the end of the terminal. It helps the vehicle which has faced a crash to be redirected back to the roadway.
End Terminal- The initial starting point of a guardrail is known as the end terminal. The finishing point of the guardrail needs a treatment which is also known as the energy absorption treatment. The impact side is headed down to the length of the guardrail in order to minimize the impact at this end terminal.

Tips for choosing Highway Traffic Guardrail Manufacturers

Guardrails are structures constructed with the intention of keeping people and especially vehicles to drift away from the area which is dangerous or hazardous in nature. They are designed with a view to minimizing effects of collision and minimal injury to riders. Apart from highways, these guardrails are present in almost all public places. On highways apart from providing safety to drivers and passengers from the mishap, it also serves as a visual aid to night drivers.

So if you are looking for a highway traffic guardrail manufacturers, here are few tips for you to choose the right one:

  • Cost-effective: Before shortlisting guardrail manufacturer India, always compare the prices being offered by various highway traffic guardrail manufacturer. Settle for the one which is most cost effective but being cost-effective does not mean to go for the cheapest guard rails, cheap guardrail implies relatively low quality as compared to others and will incur lots of expense later on. Go for the one who matches all the standards set by the government.
  • End to end solutions: Select on the basis of services being provided by road traffic guardrail manufacturers India. All manufacturers do not provide end to end solutions. Go for the one who provides everything from manufacturing the guardrails to installing them to giving you after sales services as well.
  • Customization: Everyone does not need the same kind of guardrails, everyone has their different requirements and the best guardrail manufacturer in India is the one that can customize the product keeping in mind your needs and purpose of getting the same.
  • Longevity: Just remember it’s a long-term investment and you need to settle for one that has a longer life, in that case, you may need to pay some extra bucks but do not hesitate to spend as such things are not likely to be replaced frequently.
  • Legally compliant: There is a number of highway and road guardrail manufacturers in India that might not full fill all the legal requirements to manufacture the road safety equipment. Before placing your order ask for all the legal compliance and only settle for the one is fully compliant.

Find a Highway Guardrail, W Beam crash barrier, road crash Barriers manufacturers and suppliers and having manufacturing plant in Gujarat, India.

Different Types Of Road Crash Barriers Which Are Used For Safety Purpose

Barriers are quite common nowadays. They actually serve as a safety measure for the public. Barriers are used in every country as the government feels they serve as a safety measure and will protect people from facing accidents or another kind of mishappenings.

Roadside hazards must be reviewed for the threat they pose to traveling motorists based on size, shape, firmness, and space from the edge of travel way. For example, small roadside signs and some large signs (ground-mounted breakaway post) frequently do not merit roadside guard as the barrier itself may create a greater threat to broad health and wellbeing of the community than the obstruction it intends to defend. In many regions of the world, the idea of clear zone is taken into explanation when exploratory the distance of an obstacle or danger from the border of travelway.

Different types of Barriers

Roadside Barriers– These are used to defend traffic from roadside obstacles or hazards, such as slopes steep enough to cause rollover crashes, fixed objects like bridge piers, and bodies of water. Roadside barriers can also be used with medians, to avoid vehicles from colliding with hazards within the median. There are Road Crash Barriers Suppliers India who helps the government in the process of installation.

Median Barriers– These are used to put a stop to vehicles from crossing over a median and striking an oncoming vehicle in a head-on crash. Unlike roadside barriers, they must be designed to be smacked from either side. Road Crash Barriers Suppliers in India also make supply median barriers.

Bridge Barrier – This is planned to hold down vehicles from crashing off the side of a bridge and falling onto the roadway, river or railroad below. It is generally higher than a roadside barrier, to prevent trucks, buses, pedestrians, and cyclists from vaulting or rolling over the barrier and falling over the side of the arrangement.

Work Zone Barriers– They are used to guard traffic against hazards in work zones. Their distinguishing trait is they can be moved as conditions change in the roadworks. Two common types are present in it that is a temporary concrete barrier and water-filled barrier. The latter is poised of steel-reinforced plastic boxes that are put in place where required linked together toward form a longitudinal barrier, then ballasted with water. These have a benefit in that they can be collected without heavy lifting equipment, but they cannot be used in cold weather.

Thus these are the different types of barriers which are used nowadays.

The Reason for the Rise of Metal Beam Crash Barrier Manufacturers

Metal beam crash barriers also referred to as highway guard rails, are the most essential part of road safety. Metal beam crash barriers have efficiently been able to prove their indispensability to the human kind as it lives to protect the lives of humans at the most unfortunate times. There are enough statistics that is proof of the fact that these barriers are in fact the reason because of which accidents in general have been minimised a lot.

Many a times, vehicles are known to lose control, or sometimes when the highway road is very slippery they are known to slip and the drivers lose control and may wander off into off-limit areas which may be extremely dangerous. It is during these times that metal beam crash barriers reduce this uncontrollability by just guiding the uncontrolled vehicle back towards the path it was supposed to go in. Two things happen thanks to this, 1) once the car is back on track and steadier than it was when the driver had lost control, the hope and confidence of the driver, that now he will probably save himself from an accident return. 2) the accident which may have occurred is prevented. Thus, more and more metal crash beams are being installed in highways and also on all roads in general, leading to the rise of metal beam crash manufacturers in India.

Common areas where the metal beam crash barriers are installed are mainly bridge ends, so that the oncoming car knows that that is the end and does not keep driving but make a turn. Near steep and vertical drops, so that the sudden change in the road does not take the driver by surprise making him lose control, and near large signs and illumination poles on highways which are meant to convey some message, without the metal beam crash barriers there is a chance of collision with such poles.

Thus, the need for metal beam crash barriers are high in many areas as road transportation safety, which in turn is facilitating the steady growth of the metal beam crash manufacturers in India.

Important Guideline about Metal Beam Crash Barrier

Vehicles keep running on streets at awesome velocities. Such speed can now and again be a reason for mischances. Crash obstructions are hindrances made of brilliant metals which can withstand the effect made by the vehicles in such cases. On the event of a heartbreaking vehicle mishap on street the crash boundaries enable controlling the vehicle to back out and about. It guarantees to keep the harm level made be and no more least level inside as far as possible. Street Metal Crash Barriers Suppliers in India fabricates and supplies the most elevated quality obstructions for sparing lives.

Rules of a perfect street crash hindrance

  • Ideally the Metal Beam Crash Barrier Suppliers India points in making their items with the end goal that they can give a smooth face to the vehicle ceaselessly. The point is to maintain a strategic distance from any upsetting of the vehicle. The boundary helps diverting the vehicle in parallel to it utilizing sidelong deceleration. For the driver this is fair.
  • The crash boundaries made logically in a way that it limits the degree of harm made both the vehicle and to the obstruction. The vehicle should turn, yet redirection both on its vertical and level pivot.
  • The crash obstructions have a long existence of around 50 years and require zero upkeep. Metal Beam Crash Barrier Suppliers India gives crash obstruction results of the finest and most solid qualities. These are required in numerous dikes like streets, streams or railroad zones.
  • Majority of streets and thruways have both side carriageways. Street Crash Barriers Suppliers India guarantees the vehicle which has caused a mischance or which is a casualty of a mishap both don’t cross its focal hold. They should not achieve the opposite side of the carriageway under any conditions.

There are fluctuated sorts of crash hindrances. Some crash boundaries are meant to give a guide approach to people on foot. There are crash obstructions which are removable, adaptable and a sort of a divider or a railing. Crash boundaries come in numerous materials. According to the need the kind of material is picked. Metal based crash boundaries are a gift for the general population going in streets.

How to find the best Crash Barrier Manufacturer

Crash Barriers or called as Traffic barriers are used to safeguard people. They are very important as they help vehicles from colliding with a dangerous obstacle which may cause serious accidents. There are various types of crash barriers which are present and are used in different locations according to the needs. W Beam Crash Barrier Manufacturer in India are the ones which supply with a variety of crash barriers which can be installed.

To find the best crash supplier you need to follow a certain procedure. They are:-

Make a list of all the crash barrier suppliers- You need to look through the internet or various markets and make a list of all the crash barrier suppliers.  Write down on the names in orders along with their phone numbers. This is important to be aware of the number of suppliers which are present in the market.

Check out their market reputation and rating- When you make a list of the suppliers it is important to find out the market reputation. Ask different people about it. Even you can check the online rating and reviews. This is the best way as by it you can read a variety of comments and what people say about the supplier. As they have experience working with the supplier they can act as a guide to you and can make your procedure easy of choosing the right supplier.

Talk with the buyers- You need to have a conversation with the buyers and talk about the product they use and variety they offer. Don’t forget to talk about the rate as this is an important aspect. Talk with different buyers and know what they are going to charge for it. For example, W Beam Crash Barrier Manufacturer and suppliers in India is present; you can talk to them and know about the pricing and everything.

Finalize the supplier- Now once you are clear with the costs and all the availability its time to finalize the supplier. You can choose the supplier and meet them. Talk in detail about the number you required and delivery time and the way of delivery. Do talk about the advance payment or mode of payment after you receive the barrier. Thus this is the last step and then you will be ready for the final working


Crash Barriers or called as Traffic barriers are used to safeguard people. It is very important to find the right crash barrier supplier so as to get the best quality at an affordable price. To find the best supplier you need to choose the one with the maximum rating from the internet. Talk to the suppliers and find their pricing, mode of delivery and other such details. Once it is finalized go for the order procedure and your work is done. Thus by following this method, you can find the best crash barrier supplier for yourself.

Why Choose Leading W Beam Crash Barrier Manufacturer Or Supplier

G R infra-project limited is one of the leading highways product manufacturing companies in the construction sector. The beam crash barrier is a most important product in the today world because it helps to provide safety to the lives of the peoples in the highways like accidents on roads and others. By the latest roll technology, the beam crash barriers are manufacturing as per the specification of the AASHTO and MORT & H. we provide the high-quality beam crash barrier to our clients.

Application of W Beam Crash Barrier

We provide the entire range of the high performance and certified beam crash barrier at the reasonable price to the clients. Our quality crash barrier can be used in the various places such as flyovers, rocky areas, bridges, high sharp curves, and much more. We are leading manufacturer and suppliers of the beam crash barriers.

Specification of our w bean product

W Beam Crash Barrier Manufacturer in India provides the high-quality highways security products at the affordable price. w – Bean crash barrier is available in single and double side guard rail. The strength of the guard is more than two thousand kg per sq cm, the width of 300/500 mm, depth of 80 mm with the zinc coating. The total length of the w beam crash barrier is four thousand meter. We are using the high standard machines like a shearing machine, press brake machine, roll forming machine and others to manufacturer the w beam crash barrier.

Benefits of w beam crash barrier manufacturer

One of the main benefits of choosing the leading w beam crash barrier suppliers is cost effective. The w beam crash barrier is used for the high embankments, mass housing area, parking places, and protection from the trees, railway station, automobile industry and much more. This product is easy to relocate, clean and minimum maintenance. W beam crash barrier comes with the hot dip galvanized nuts, washers, and bolts. Our product comes with the weather proof, strong, properties of fire class, durable panel and others.


The W beam crash barrier provides the great visible to the drivers while driving at the night time. The manufacturers use the high-quality material to make the beam crash barriers. It is used for the wide range of the purposes such as highways, Ghats, airports, factories, and others.

Things Need To Consider When Choosing The Highway Guard Rails Suppliers

Are you looking for the best highway guardrail suppliers? If yes means, then you need to consider certain things before choosing one. In India, there are many highway guard rails suppliers and manufacturers available. Among those, selecting the best one is really hard. Here, you will get some useful information to select the best Highway Guard Rails Suppliers India.

What to look when hiring a highway product supplier:
Here are some important aspects that you must consider when looking for the best guard rail suppliers in India.

Services and products offered:
Always go with the supplier who offers many varieties of highway products. It includes steel and aluminum bridge rails, highway guard rails, pedestrian rails, handrails, and more. In addition to, check the supplier has a large inventory of highway guards, barriers, and road safety products.

Check the quality:
Never and ever compromise on quality though the product price is high. This is because of the quality product only able to withstand for the long run. Hence, prefer the supplier who provides high-quality products.

Never go with low price:
If the supplier offers the products at the cheap price, then do not choose them. Think yourself if you get the product at a cheap price then how can be its quality. Surely, it is not at all high quality because it made of low-quality materials.

Most importantly, check their certification and other legal things before you prefer them as a supplier. Nowadays, many fraud suppliers are cheating the clients by offering very low-quality products. Do not hesitate to ask for their supplier certification and registration. It will help you in many ways.

Explore online:
Today, Internet is the vast sources of information so you can seek help easily. All you need to do is simply search for the supplier that you have chosen. Within a few seconds, you will get many positive and negative reviews of that particular supplier. Using the reviews, you can easily take a decision.

Customer satisfaction:
Apart from these, you have to check the previous clients who have dealings with them. It is one of the easiest methods to get some idea about them. Previous clients or customer always gives the correct information because they have already experience with that supplier. It is not necessary to go with their opinion. Additionally, check how much the supplier put effort for customer satisfaction.

Are you struggling to find the best Highway Guard Rails supplier in India? If yes means, then you make use of things that provided above. These things will help you a lot to discover the right one company as Metal Crash Barrier in the market without any stress.